Friday, April 6, 2012

Defending Jacob: A Novel [Kindle Edition] price

Defending Jacob: A Novel [Kindle Edition] Amazon Best Books in the Month, February 2012: A fast, compelling, and compulsively readable courtroom drama, Defending Jacob tells the storyline of a district attorney's son that is accused of killing a classmate. Because the father efforts to prove his son's innocence, Landay explores uncomfortable territory. Can a tendency toward violence be inherited? Is the capacity for murder a genetic disposition? The author, a former district attorney, has got the taut nuances just right, capturing the subtleties of a trial in a very packed courtroom, the place where a small rustle or murmur can signify a lot. In the finish Landay pulls off a clever plot device it doesn't reveal itself until the final pages. --Neal Thompson

Advanced Praise for Defending Jacob

Defending Jacob is smart, sophisticated—and suspenseful on more levels than one.”
—Lee Child, #1 The big apple Times bestselling author.

“William Landay’s Defending Jacob can be a carefully plotted and precisely written thriller about a family put for the ultimate test.  
Propelled by an ongoing courtroom drama, and using a neat final twist, Defending Jacob is certain to enthrall.”
—Thomas H. Cook, author of The Quest for Anna Klein

“Nuanced understanding from the psychology of carefully considered, layered characters makes Defending Jacob more when compared to a terrific legal thrill ride with courtroom scenes that explode off of the page. William Landay's latest is often a heartfelt exploration in the unanticipated complications of loyalty among old friends, as well as an unflinching appraisal with the darkest, most poignant consequences with the love that binds, and blinds, families. Defending Jacob is among those rare books that calls for contemplation and insight in addition to every breathtaking surprise. Read it.”
—Stephen White, Ny Times bestselling author of The Very Last Lie

“William Landay spins a tale of which complexity and emotion that you simply don’t even realize you’re spiraling deep into his world until
he spits you out at his shocking, shattering conclusion.”
—Carla Buckley, author of The Stuff That Keep Us Here

"In Defending Jacob, William Landay makes bold utilization of his genuine storytelling gift, his amazing ability to craft believable dialogue, and above all, an extraordinary understanding of the it indicates to be a husband and father presenting us having an unforgettable tale of your ordinary marriage and family in crisis.  In his hands, the tender, loving union of Laurie and Andrew Barber is tested with the notion that parenting is rarely quite what one imagines it to be.  On ...

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Defending Jacob: A Novel [Kindle Edition]

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