Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm Dancing as Fast as I Could [Kindle Edition] price

I'm Dancing as Fast as I'm Able To [Kindle Edition] "Spellbinding seems too mild a word." -Detroit Free Press
"Gordon's story rings with authenticity." -Washington Post
"Not merely a frightening account from the tortured journey of her mind and soul, but a lovely story that's full of life and hope..." -Philadelphia Bulletin

"The observer, the journalist in Ms. Gordon, never was asleep. . .one sees that the ebook is really a genuine offering: it hides nothing, yet just isn't exploitive." -- Jill Robinson, the New York Times

I don't think anyone involved inside publication of my memoir, including myself, ever imagined the impact it would have on readers across the world. One totally unexpected and delightful little fall-out in the book's success is that this phrase "I'm Dancing as quickly as Can" is now part of the national vocabulary and it is utilized by people inside their daily conversations too as in print to spell it out individuals, countries, even corporations struggling to execute delicate balancing acts of a single sort or another.
My own story involved a battle over physician prescribed drugs and digging my way out from the hidden pot holes in that which was laughingly called, our mental health system.
Today the entire world is different nevertheless in a way it hasn't. While there continue to be those that are chronically dependent on drugs "sanitized" by virtue of experiencing been prescribed by physicians, there are new medications with fewer side affects. More people are using other methods like yoga and jogging to relieve the stress and anxiety in their lives.
There is definitely an issue that remains as crucial today as it was almost thirty years ago. the transformations that are constantly challenging women, we keep changing our skins, shedding fur like animals inside the spring, spiraling, growing, assuming new roles.

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I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can [Kindle Edition]

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