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The Sweetest Thing [Kindle Edition] review

The Sweetest Thing [Kindle Edition] Setting: Contemporary San Francisco
Sensuality: 6

Successful entrepreneur Alex Carrigan's life is neatly organized and dedicated to building his company. But fate drops a compilation of bombshells when his eccentric grandfather appears on his doorstep to advance in with him, the sudden death of his ex-wife leaves him using a precocious 12-year-old daughter he's convinced he didn't sire, and exquisite redhead Faith Christopher walks into his life.

Faith has her pair of problems. She's experienced emotional limbo considering that the death of her fiancé several years before, along with the ties to his family are growing increasingly troublesome. She's wondering if she should give in to family pressure and marry the 2nd son when Alex wanders into her bakery seeking his grandfather. The physical connection she feels with Alex is instantaneous and mutual, making her question whether a relationship depending on companionship is wise and even possible.

Meanwhile, Alex's grandfather posseses an agenda of his own. Fifty-six years earlier, he'd fallen in love, broken a bit of ancient Indian pottery, and brought a curse on himself and the heirs. He's convinced he must locate his lost love, return the pottery to the hiding place, and lift the curse, an agenda Alex has heard many times before and wish to become involved in. But Faith is intrigued by the elderly gentleman's tale and agrees to help you him. Little does she understand what life-changing forces are already set in motion by her decision.

Can a woman who wants commitment find happiness which has a man who doesn't have confidence in love? Will Alex be able to accept that not only is Faith everything he wants but additionally everything he needs? If Alex and Faith don't help his grandfather solve the greater than half-century-long mystery, will the curse doom both the lovers and all the people they love? And think about the kid he doesn't believe is his but who needs him so desperately? It's a pleasure to read Freethy's answers about bat roosting questions and more, thanks to her charming writing style and expert plotting in The Sweetest Thing.--Lois Faye Dyer
An ominous curse ("And the winds will curse your daily life unless you resume where it began") propels Freethy's latest novel (after One True Love), , involving a romance that ended when two young lovers, Julian Carrigan and a girl named Suzannah, stole an Indian pot from the burial site. Fifty years later, Alex Carrigan has a lot more than he can handle with his dotty grandfather, Julian, who may have crazy ideas about finding his old flame and returning the Indian pot to the resting place, let alone a smart-mouth teenage girl insisting he's her father. After which there's bakery shop owner Faith Christopher, who adds fuel towards the fire with your ex recipe for love. As it turns out, Faith features a psychic connection while using pot plus a spiritual connection while using teenager, , involving her in long-time bachelor Alex's life, whether he likes it or not. Together they agree to assist Julian find his beloved and end the 50-year-old curse. Beyond this, there's not much to stir the reader's senses: Alex and Faith are romance-formula protagonists as well as the plot line is predictable.
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The Sweetest Thing [Kindle Edition]

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